Finding local network connections

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Mon Sep 22 10:43:11 UTC 2014


> I looked through ifconfig and netstat with various parameters and
> combinations, but haven't found how to find what is connected to the
> local network, such as other computers, network-connected printers or
> NAS.
> I can find this information by logging in to wireless router, but
> there ought to be something I'm missing available through netstat or
> related program, in base system, or maybe somewhere in ports.

I'd say that neither netstat not ifconfig can do what you want.

Certainly not ifconfig, netstat may show you what other network
equipment your computer has been in contact with. But if they have never
talked to eachother, then they are unknown from eachother.

You may install some ports that scan the network to know what network
equipment exists outthere, but that is not in the base installation I

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