A lot of pkg problems

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Wed Sep 17 08:50:33 UTC 2014

El día Wednesday, September 17, 2014 a las 08:22:45AM +0100, Arthur Chance escribió:

> Using poudriere to build your own repo is *very* easy and lets you build 
> only the packages you need (so is quicker than waiting the four-ish days 
> that the main repository takes to build everything), with the options 
> you want.

I can ACK this. I started in August with poudriere and pkg (before I was
used to use the ports tree directly to creat some 1200 pkg_* packages
for my farm of laptops/netbook.

Ones you have the pieces together and the poudriere server setup, all is
very easy and works as it should.

The only thing I could not manage until now, was setting up a webserver
to monitor the progress of the running poudriere jail. Do you have a
small howto for this? I have nginx installed in the host, but can not
get the dynamic movie into the browser firefox.


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