FreeBSD and accessibility

Littlefield, Tyler tyler at
Tue Sep 16 14:07:42 UTC 2014

Hello all:
I've looked into this before, but I'm really unsure how to proceed. I am 
somewhat new to BSD, having used it on a server already. I have a lenovo 
thinkpad from my school, which would be awesome for running BSD on a 
separate partition. Problem is, I am blind and the installer is not 

Would someone be interested in working with me to possibly create an 
accessible installer? I'd be happy to host them and keep them updated 
with new BSD releases. I'm just looking for some help getting off the 
ground and making the installer speech enabled.

Eventually I'd really like to see PCBsd get up and running with an 
accessible installer and orca for the window system, but I'm unsure as 
of right now what all Orca supports and how hard that would be.

Take care,
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