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Dave Babb dcbdbis at
Sun Sep 14 18:41:47 UTC 2014

OK. fair enough.

Project: I have been awarded a project in which I am changing out an 
entire cities infrastructure to be based upon FreeBSD. They will have 
their ISP demark, which then gets fed into a physical firewall appliance 
bolted to the wall, which then feeds the FreeBSD server containing the 
proxy server into NIC #0.

NIC #1 (on a different subnet) will then feed the attached devices of 
the city, PC's, smart devices, printers via a 16 port switch.

The purpose of the proxy servers is to put a configurable layer of proxy 
between the average city user, and the internet at large. Currently the 
city is infected with a lot of Windows virus', mainly do to the users 
(at this time) having unmanaged, unfiltered access to the Internet.....


Sincerely and respectfully,


On 09/14/14 12:31, Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> Depends on what you mean by project and whether you have read about 
> Squid as a proxy server:)
> On 14 September 2014 21:28, Dave Babb <dcbdbis at 
> <mailto:dcbdbis at>> wrote:
>     I am in need of a proxy server for a project.
>     Does anyone have a favorite proxy server they use?
>     Or is there an unspoken FreeBSD favorite for a proxy server that
>     is considered "best practice"?
>     Thank you for any pointers,
>     Sincerely and respectfully,
>     Dave
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