Request Validation of my Experience in buildworld

Andrew Berg aberg010 at
Fri Sep 12 21:22:21 UTC 2014

On 2014.09.12 15:16, Dave Babb wrote:
> The WRKDIRPREFIX (from a answer I received in this mailing list), is so 
> that my ports and kernel are built in ram and not to the SSD until they 
> are complete. I have /usr/obj mounted in tmpfs.....I have 32Gb of 
> ram....of which I only used 7% of tmpfs during any of the experiences 
> below......
> Another dramatic drop in resources and another increase in performance.
> This experience was had across a desktop, and repeated on a ASUS laptop.
> Is this type of improvement typical?
Yes. Putting your WRKDIR in RAM eliminates the biggest bottleneck and puts
almost everything on the CPU, which is quite fast. You can use ccache to cache
objects and make future builds even faster by not rebuilding anything

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