Request for buildworld clarification

Warren Block wblock at
Wed Sep 10 22:07:18 UTC 2014

On Wed, 10 Sep 2014, Dave Babb wrote:

> Good Afternoon All,
> I am requesting a clarification on make buildworld. I am junior with FreeBSD 
> (< 8 months)...and I am getting confused with Gentoo's definition of build 
> world, and FreeBSD's.
> Under Gentoo, when you rebuilt your world, everything got rebuilt. Every 
> package that you had installed in your system including the base.
> Am I understanding that in FreeBSD this is a two step process. "make 
> buildworld" simply rebuilds the base system from source.


> Then to rebuild your ports....I understand that I need to call 
> "portmaster -af"...Am I correct, or is their a different set of 
> switches I need to pass to portmaster to tell it to rebuild every 
> installed port?

Yes, but...

Don't use 'portmaster -af'.  It is faster to get a list of installed 
ports, delete them all, then reinstall.  There is a procedure at the end 
of the portmaster man page to do that, but it still refers to the old 
pkg_ commands.  I have a PR which updates that procedure for pkg:

Or you can use ports-mgmt/poudriere to build your own packages.

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