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Mon Sep 8 13:37:07 UTC 2014

On 09/07/14 23:59, Dave Babb wrote:
> Good Evening,
> While I have no questions a this moment. I will be having questions in
> the near future (days).
> I am a retired systems integrator who has changed all of my
> specifications and basis of designs to FreeBSD from Linux....While
> retired, I have maintained two accounts that still want me to service
> them...The City of Simla came to me as a recommendation from one of my
> other clients. Based upon my own experience with FreeBSD over the last
> 6ish months, and frustration and embarrassment--in front of a
> client....with Linux. Plus the frustration with the systemd, Wayland,
> Mir, X debacle has caused my other clients to plan for FreeBSD
> conversions by Jan 2015. I am tired of deploying systems who may change
> to some new technology tomorrow, without proper thought, and potentially
> orphaning/breaking my project, or causing me to have to rebuilt it to
> accommodate the updates.....all on my nickle with no recoup of revenue.
> My FreeBSD experience has been one of reliability, stability, and
> consistency. That's the experience I want to provide to this new client,
> and then to my old clients at years end. Frankly, I couldn't be happier
> with FreeBSD.
> As I have rolled out a lot of Linux solutions over the years...the
> current project I have been awarded (City of Simla, Colorado IT
> Infrastructure Changeout) will be first big project I have done going
> pure FreeBSD on the server and on the desktop, instead of my old
> paradigm of Linux.
> Because I still have Linux knowledge in my head...and being older...I
> fear inadvertently "linuxizing" FreeBSD. I know there are some
> similarities between the two technologies, I am also aware of some real
> differences...such as proper setup and maintenance of a ZRaid under ZFS.
> This mailing list has been recommended by a fellow FreeBSD guru (whom I
> met on the forums) who has helped me immensely in my own personal port
> over to FreeBSD.
> I simply want to use this group as a check of my deployment plans to
> make sure I deploy FreeBSD in an orthodox manner.
> I don't know if there are email length limitations, frequency limits, or
> what the culture is on this mailing list.
> I do not forsee a lot of issues, thus I don;t forsee a lot of emails
> that I would generate. I've been in IT since the days of the Eniac and
> acoustically coupled modems. While I may be experienced and seasoned...I
> am very junior to FreeBSD....< 1 year as stated earlier. In reality I am
> looking for assistance validating my plan to make sure it is FreeBSD in
> style and best practice. I am NOT asking for others to do my work for
> me...just validate it to ensure I stay within acceptable best practices
> for FreeBSD. Said another way, I am looking for a litmus test for best
> practice and protection against misapplication of FreeBSD.
> I do the formal walk-through with the City tomorrow (Monday the
> 8th)...and I can then make the design and implementation plans on my end
> before I litmus check it with this list.
> I would expect at some time to generate a chart, be that a DIA chart, or
> some other charting software (feel free to recommend one), for drawing
> up the new network architecture based upon my walk-through tomorrow.
> More Q's: Are attachments allowed or not? PDF? or Native format?
> Would someone in this mailing list please let me know what the culture
> is and proper usage of this list is, and what is expected of me when I
> generate an email to this list?
> Thank you!
> Sincerely and respectfully,
> Dave
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As a fellow noob-2-FBSD (UNIX since 1986, Linux since 1995, FBSD for 
about 2 mos.), I can say the list is extremely knowledgable (sp?) & 
helpful, & quite tolerant of noob questions, at least for as long as I 
have been posting them (~6 weeks). I think you will be fine here ....


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