New Project Questions

Dave Babb dcbdbis at
Mon Sep 8 04:59:28 UTC 2014

Good Evening,

While I have no questions a this moment. I will be having questions in
the near future (days).

I am a retired systems integrator who has changed all of my
specifications and basis of designs to FreeBSD from Linux....While
retired, I have maintained two accounts that still want me to service
them...The City of Simla came to me as a recommendation from one of my
other clients. Based upon my own experience with FreeBSD over the last
6ish months, and frustration and embarrassment--in front of a
client....with Linux. Plus the frustration with the systemd, Wayland,
Mir, X debacle has caused my other clients to plan for FreeBSD
conversions by Jan 2015. I am tired of deploying systems who may change
to some new technology tomorrow, without proper thought, and potentially
orphaning/breaking my project, or causing me to have to rebuilt it to
accommodate the updates.....all on my nickle with no recoup of revenue.

My FreeBSD experience has been one of reliability, stability, and
consistency. That's the experience I want to provide to this new client,
and then to my old clients at years end. Frankly, I couldn't be happier
with FreeBSD.

As I have rolled out a lot of Linux solutions over the years...the
current project I have been awarded (City of Simla, Colorado IT
Infrastructure Changeout) will be first big project I have done going
pure FreeBSD on the server and on the desktop, instead of my old
paradigm of Linux.

Because I still have Linux knowledge in my head...and being older...I
fear inadvertently "linuxizing" FreeBSD. I know there are some
similarities between the two technologies, I am also aware of some real
differences...such as proper setup and maintenance of a ZRaid under ZFS.

This mailing list has been recommended by a fellow FreeBSD guru (whom I
met on the forums) who has helped me immensely in my own personal port
over to FreeBSD.
I simply want to use this group as a check of my deployment plans to
make sure I deploy FreeBSD in an orthodox manner.

I don't know if there are email length limitations, frequency limits, or
what the culture is on this mailing list.

I do not forsee a lot of issues, thus I don;t forsee a lot of emails
that I would generate. I've been in IT since the days of the Eniac and
acoustically coupled modems. While I may be experienced and seasoned...I
am very junior to FreeBSD....< 1 year as stated earlier. In reality I am
looking for assistance validating my plan to make sure it is FreeBSD in
style and best practice. I am NOT asking for others to do my work for
me...just validate it to ensure I stay within acceptable best practices
for FreeBSD. Said another way, I am looking for a litmus test for best
practice and protection against misapplication of FreeBSD.

I do the formal walk-through with the City tomorrow (Monday the
8th)...and I can then make the design and implementation plans on my end
before I litmus check it with this list.

I would expect at some time to generate a chart, be that a DIA chart, or
some other charting software (feel free to recommend one), for drawing
up the new network architecture based upon my walk-through tomorrow.

More Q's: Are attachments allowed or not? PDF? or Native format?

Would someone in this mailing list please let me know what the culture
is and proper usage of this list is, and what is expected of me when I
generate an email to this list?

Thank you!

Sincerely and respectfully,


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