missing lipmp3lame with openshot

Michael Powell nightrecon at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 6 23:30:54 UTC 2014

Michael Powell wrote:

> Gary Aitken wrote:
>> other ideas?
> Not much of any, per se. The above would seem to indicate that it did
> build against libmp3lame. At this juncture the only thing I'm left
> wondering about is which system, e.g is this a problem wrt to 9.x still
> using a really old GCC or is it a 10.x situation which has changed to
> Clang. From what little I know I believe that the ports build guys tried
> to go through the ports tree
> and winnow out for further work those which  failed to build, or otherwise
> had some trouble building with Clang. I seem to recall they wanted reports
> of such at the time. Don't know if this has any bearing on this particular
> case, it's just all I can think of...
> -Mike

The only other thing (which I forgot to include) is I have never used 
portmaster and essentially nothing about it. Perhaps if a manual build were 
to succeed in building it properly it might indicate the problem is in 
portmaster somehow?


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