Port version vs PKG version

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd2 at milibyte.co.uk
Fri Sep 5 08:47:55 UTC 2014

On Friday 05 September 2014 08:07:40 Matthew Seaman wrote:

> Package sets are built from ports starting each Wednesday night, and
> are usually published the following weekend.  So the shortest
> possible time it takes is about 3--4 days, and the longest is a
> week longer than that.

I have a mixture of ports and packages so it looks as though the best 
way of keeping them in step would be to update my ports tree late 
Wednesday night then wait until Sunday night before attempting to 
upgrade ports and packages?

I understand that the package repositories are built from a snapshot 
of the ports tree. To assist users in keeping things in step I wonder 
if information could be made available for users to access the 
snapshot which was used for the published version of the repository so 
we could synchronise our ports tree with the one used for the 
currently available packages?

Mike Clarke

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