convert for use on youtube (was: convert .mov to .avi?)

Gary Aitken ah at
Thu Sep 4 05:55:50 UTC 2014

>> Can anyone suggest an easy way to convert a .mov file to .avi? I
>> don't have much experience with video and shot some with my camera
>> when on a recent trip.  My wife uses windoze to burn dvds and the
>> app she has access to (windows dvd maker) doesn't seem to support
>> .mov files.


> I suppose "ffmpeg -i path/ path/movie2.avi" should do it
> for a fast and simple convertion.

Thanks all; that and some reading of the ffmpeg man page helped.

Now I'm trying to convert to something smallish that will play well on youtube.
According to youtube's analysis, my firefox supports 
  "HTMLVideoElement" and "WebM VP8".
I've tried converting to
  .avi, .mp4, and .webm
but whenever I try to play them via youtube, I get the garbage about my 
browser not currently recognizing any of the video formats available.
I've tried switching the browser between HTML5 and the default player,
but no joy there.
The browser successfully plays .mov files previously uploaded, but they
are huge and I'm trying to save on bandwidth and storage.  I believe the
uploaded .mov files were converted by youtube anyway.
All of the generated formats play fine through vlc.


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