Is there something like tmux for X11?

Christian Baer cb at
Sun Nov 30 00:29:00 UTC 2014

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the bad subject line, but I don't know how to express this in a 
short way. This is probably also the reason why I have not found anything 
useful using google and the like.

To explain this, let's say I have two machines: acer and dell. Please excuse 
the corny names. :-) acer is my workstation and dell is some big machine with 
a lot of CPUs and RAM. When I log on to dell via ssh, I can start tmux or 
screen and then start some application. The the connection is broken, or I 
decide to turn my computer (acer) off, then dell will keep on running my app. 
When I connect the next time, I can use tmux or screen to get control of the 
app again and everything looks as though the connection was never lost.

Is there some way to basicly do the same thing using X? I log on to dell again 
using ssh -Y, start an app, get the display on my screen (on acer). But I can 
logout and turn off acer without terminating the app on dell. I also want to 
be able to pull the app back to my desktop the next time I log on.

Somehow I can't imagine that noone has thought of this yet. :-)

I don't want a complete howto here, just a push in the right direction. A link 
to some documentation would be fine.

Best regards,

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