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Thu Nov 27 07:16:59 UTC 2014

I have the currently:

Both work using:
upsmon which does exactly what you need.

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---- On Tue, 25 Nov 2014 21:48:36 -0600 Alejandro Imass<aimass at> wrote ---- 
 > Hi, 
 > I'm looking to buy a UPS for a server I have at home that will work with 
 > FreeBSD and can signal for server via USB to gracefully shutdown when power 
 > goes out. 
 > Do any of these work with FreeBSD via USB? 
 > - CyberPower Standby CP425SLG UPS 
 > - CyberPower Standby CP550SLG UPS 
 > - Tripp Lite ECO Series 350VA UPS 
 > - Tripp Lite ECO Series 550VA UPS 
 > Or any other off-the-shelf inexpensive UPS that I can buy at Staples or 
 > Best Buy that will work with FreeBSD via USB to shut down the server 
 > gracefully. 
 > TIA, 
 > Alejandro Imass 
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