My ipfilter rules are overreaching...

Jon Radel jon at
Thu Nov 27 02:58:34 UTC 2014

On 11/26/14, 8:02 PM, Eric Popelka wrote:
> 	### SNIP: 6 'pass in' rules to enable DHCP, NTP, ICMP ###
> 	# Allow in the whole subnet assigned to my cable modem
> 	# (hack, eventually want to just allow access to certain ports)
> 	pass in log first on xn0 from to any
> 	# Keep out hax0rs
> 	block in log first quick on xn0 all
from man 5 ipf:

  First match vs last match
        To change the default  behaviour  from  being  the  last 
matched  rule
        decides  the  outcome to being the first matched rule, the word 
        is inserted to the rule.

Sooo...if I read your rule snippet correctly, you're asking ipf to 
consider allowing traffic in from, pending finding a 
later rule that overrides that pass, so it continues along until it hits 
a block statement that not only applies but has a "quick" to boot.  I 
certainly wouldn't expect that pass rule to ever do anything.

What happens if you put a "quick" in the pass?  Or move the block to the 
very top of the file without the "quick"?

--Jon Radel
jon at

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