UPS for FreeBSD

Warren Block wblock at
Wed Nov 26 17:13:02 UTC 2014

On Tue, 25 Nov 2014, Alejandro Imass wrote:

> I'm looking to buy a UPS for a server I have at home that will work with
> FreeBSD and can signal for server via USB to gracefully shutdown when power
> goes out.
> Do any of these work with FreeBSD via USB?
> - CyberPower Standby CP425SLG UPS
> - CyberPower Standby CP550SLG UPS
> - Tripp Lite ECO Series 350VA UPS
> - Tripp Lite ECO Series 550VA UPS
> Or any other off-the-shelf inexpensive UPS that I can buy at Staples or
> Best Buy that will work with FreeBSD via USB to shut down the server
> gracefully.

sysutils/apcupsd has worked for me for years on various different APC 
units.  That said, the black plastic APC units that look like an 
overgrown power strip are generally not the greatest.  Come to that, 
cheap UPSs in general are usually not the greatest.  Some will 
overcharge batteries, requiring replacement in two years or less.

The apcupsd web site ( has some information, but 
does not appear to list supported model numbers.  APC had used a 
proprietary unsupported protocol on the higher-end SMT models, but 
appears to have now included a supported protocol.

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