Freebsdgirl / Randi Harper - Followup

Throw AwayTwo 465m8en567nib at
Mon Nov 24 05:29:15 UTC 2014

   This is a follow up to

   I was referring to the fact that you take their email and name and
   plaster it all over your Twitter account as, "A person by the name of X
   and can be reached at is sexually harassing me. Please spam
   the fuck out of their email address and create false accusations about
   them." I have been in the FreeBSD community a helluva lot longer then
   you, and you are a absolute disgrace the to project. Stop masquerading
   as a core team member on the FreeBSD project. It's making me sick.

   Also great job on taking my last message and talknig shit about it on
   Twitter, it proved my accusation was correct.

   Also don't get me started on the blacklist you made that randomly
   blocked +10,000 Twitter followers, because you can't even use basic
   logic properly. Hell it even blocked KFC for being "sexist".  Even
   the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has dropped
   support for you because of that stunt.

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