net-im/skype* vs. linux-c6-*:

Jerry jerry at
Sun Nov 23 12:39:22 UTC 2014

On Sun, 23 Nov 2014 23:06:51 +1100, Outback Dingo stated:

>not that its helps users with global skype friends... but you can download
>and install tox from  it does literally everything skype
>does, its also free and encrypted.
>and it runs on everything, so maybe its time to get the world to switch to
>a free opensource application that easily replaces skype with no central
>authority. just my thoughts

Not really, it does not support "Conference calls", nor can you log in
simultaneously on two devices. Also, apparently IP addresses are being expose.

What I find most disturbing is that the project is being run by a group of
hackers. Somehow that does not give me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Plus, I can see no way that this would tie into a Microsoft Office Work-group,
which is where I use Skype extensively.

In addition, the "tox" literature claims it is more secure because it is
encrypted. Skype is also encrypted.

I guess it boils down to what your requirements are. If you only need it to
talk to "ma" an "pa", then "tox" is fine.


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