fusefs-ntfs loosing information in cache?

Martin Paredes mapsware at prodigy.net.mx
Mon Nov 17 06:26:38 UTC 2014


My PC is dual boot with Windows XP

When I modify a file inside NTFS from FreeBSD and restart the PC (to
windows or FreeBSD)

When I check the modified file, none of my modification are present,
even if I run sync before the reboot

But if I modify and keep working on files in UFS for some time and
reboot the PC, the modification are present

I mount the NTFS partition from FreeBSD with an entry in /etc/fstab

/dev/ad4s4 /mnt/D fusefs permissions,inherit,rw,locale=es_ES.ISO8859-1,late,mountprog=/usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g 0 0

I load fuse.ko from /boot/loader.conf (fuse_load="YES")

I have install the next ports related to fuse


the mount command show

/dev/fuse on /mnt/D (fusefs, local, synchronous)

Did I miss some configuration?
Martin Paredes
Hermosillo, Son. Mexico

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