Small/Low Power Server Recommendation?

dweimer dweimer at
Sun Nov 16 02:49:22 UTC 2014

On 11/15/2014 8:33 pm, Jay West wrote:
> Arthur wrote....
> I've been running an Alix 2d13 (an earlier board) with pfSense as my
> router/firewall for years now. Absolutely no problems, very little 
> power
> consumption, I only have to think about it when there's a software 
> upgrade.
> I can recommend their kit.
> -----------
> Nah, don't do it. I adore the Alix 2D13 board for lots of stuff.... but 
> as a
> pfsense box it's days are gone. Everywhere around here... the default
> residential speed is 60 to 100mbps, and the Alix 2d13 can't keep up 
> with
> that. Your connection (if you're in those ranges) will noticeably slow 
> down.
> Instead, get the replacement that netgate has: identical enclosure, but
> based on the T40E board. That one can handle 100+mbps.

just look for their Kits that start with APU, that's the PCEngines new 
board that uses the T40E CPUs, 3 x 1G Ethernet Ports, there are 2G and 
4G memory options available. Using either 8G SDHC or 30G mSATA for 

The old Alix 2D13 system I ran pfSense on went the way of eBay, to be 
replaced with a small form factor PC prior to these being released, 
since it couldn't keep up with my 50/5Mbit internet connection.  I do 
miss the quietness of the old Alix along with the lower power 
consumption, and will hopefully replace the current noise generator with 
one of the new systems before the winters out.

    Dean E. Weimer

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