Question about forums

Dutch Ingraham stoa at
Sat Nov 15 18:44:04 UTC 2014

On 11/15/14 13:28, Jeffrey Needle wrote:
> Hi.  I've signed up for the freebsd forums, confirmed my e-mail address,
> and everything seems fine.  Except, I have no idea how to post a new
> thread.  There's no button, no prompt at all that lets me do this.  Can
> someone please direct me how to get this done?  I hope this is the right
> place to ask this.  Thanks.
Of course, you must be logged in to post; once you do, you must first
choose the category in which you want to post (say, General), then there
is a red button with "Post New Thread" on the top right, just below the
search box.  You may want to review the "Forum Rules and Guidelines"
section first, as it is more, uuhhh, detailed than most.

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