Small/Low Power Server Recommendation?

andrew clarke mail at
Fri Nov 14 19:34:15 UTC 2014

On Mon 2014-11-10 09:57:02 UTC-0800, Chris Maness (chris at wrote:

> I am looking to replace a huge noisy old server that I have used for
> years for my home business.  Looking for something inexpensive and
> relatively small to replace it with.  Any recommendations guys/gals?
> I was even thinking of buying a used laptop to run FreeBSD on and set
> it and forget it.  Not sure what options are out there as I have not
> put together a server in many years.

HP Microservers are very popular for home servers. They are also
almost completely silent and have low power consumption.

A laptop might work but you may be looking at heat issues running it
24/7, and also have problems later down the track if you want to add
more memory or additional hard drives.


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