Static routing

krad kraduk at
Thu Nov 13 15:06:58 UTC 2014

would you be trying to build a transparent L2 firewall/bridge by any
chance? If so its nothing to do with routing as its all at layer2. Im not
sure if the docs are uptodate but start here

On 11 November 2014 21:36, Jon Radel <jon at> wrote:

> On 11/11/14, 4:05 PM, "Dante F. B. Colò" wrote:
>> Sorry, i forgot to mention ,the Cisco router has the ip
>>, there is no bridgie configured on the
>> Linux  (Debian 5 and 6 kernel 2.6) machine  ,i just setup these static
>> routes to do that but i really don't know how the Linux TCP stack handle
>> this, anyway thanks for your reply,  i'm gonna try the bridge on freebsd
>> and openbsd.
>>  No bridge on Linux.   Hmmmmm.....   You sure you aren't doing something
> like this:  If nothing else the
> network diagram looks a whole lot like yours.....
> --Jon Radel
> jon at

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