Static routing

Jon Radel jon at
Thu Nov 6 22:14:02 UTC 2014

On 11/6/14, 4:48 PM, Antonio Prado wrote:
> On 11/6/14 10:24 PM, "Dante F. B. Colò" wrote:
>> both interfaces have  public addresses of the same range , *em1
>> *appears has absolutely no communication
> hi,
> 2 diferent nics on the same l2 ethernet broadcast domain could be flawed.
> google for 'freebsd 2 nics same subnet'
Though most of those discussions are about attaching 2 NICs to the same 
subnet where it is actually the same collision domain.  That's not 
categorically broken, though how it is supported varies from TCP/IP 
stack to stack and it doesn't always work the way you might think or 
want.   In the OP's case, it almost sounds like he has two collision 
domains, one attached to Internet router and one to an internal switch, 
yet he's using the same address subnet on both.  If that is the case, 
trying to route between them is just broken.  But we'll just have to 
wait until the OP provides more details, either here or the OpenBSD list 
where he sent essentially the same query. :-)

--Jon Radel
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