Root-on-ZFS upgrade question

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd2 at
Tue Nov 4 16:25:42 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 04 Nov 2014 15:11:46 krad wrote:

> I would go old school and do a buildworld and kernel, then set the
> DESTDIR variable when you do the install parts and mergmaster

If you use beadm to create and mount a new environment and then chroot 
into it to build the world and kernel as described earlier in this 
thread then you won't need to bother about setting DESTDIR.
> Then activate and reboot.
> finally tweak pkg.conf to point at 10 rather than 9,

No need to tweak it - /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf contains the line:

 Url: "pkg+${ABI}/latest",

pkg will evaluate this to match the OS version and hardware of the 
boot environment.

To avoid conflicts with your 9.x system you need to keep /usr and 
/usr/local inside your boot environment structure..

> and then do a pkg upgrade -f

Since you've changed release level it's safer to sort out the packages 
after booting the new environment instead of in a chroot.

Safer to make a list of all your packages then delete them all and 

Also you should have the correct version of pkg for your current OS so 
cd to /usr/ports-mgmt/pkg and run make install before attempting to 
install or upgrade the rest of your packages.

Mike Clarke

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