Minor rpc question ....

Ian Smith smithi at nimnet.asn.au
Sun Nov 2 17:12:39 UTC 2014

William, I've just seen your response at 
but as I take questions@ as a digest, I won't get it here till tomorrow 
.. I should have asked you to cc me.

So this is a brief hatchet job:

 > 02500  18777 23476935 allow tcp from to me
 > 65000   1795   424041 count ip from any to any
 > 65100   1371   269257 deny { tcp or udp } from any to any dst-port 111,137,138,513 in

 > w/ port 513 obviously being denied. However, I don't know where that 
 > is happening :-/ & I thought rule 02500 would let all local traffic 
 > through ....

/etc/rc.firewall 'workstation' ruleset allows you to enable inbound 
access to services, like rwhod.  see /etc/defaults/rc.conf for details 
of rc.conf variables, and rc.firewall for how they're invoked.

Rule 2500 only allows tcp, rwho is udp - but 2500 is a bit sweeping 
anyway, perhaps best to enable specific services, even internally?

Ah, yes - I see firewall_myservices and firewall_allowservices are only 
for TCP services.  That's a strange omission, if I'm reading it right, 
especially re rpc.

Rather than fixing this properly now for UDP services, I'd just add into 
/etc/rc.firewall after what's now your 2500 or at any rate before 65000:

${fwcmd} allow udp from ${mynetwork} 513 to me 513

You're already enabling udp services outbound, statefully, which is why 
you can query other hosts.  Now they'll be able to reach you too :)

'service ipfw restart' and you should be good to go.  You could remove 
513 from firewall_nologports - but now it'll already be passed by then.

g'night, Ian

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