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RW rwmaillists at
Sat May 31 12:47:24 UTC 2014

On 29 May 2014 17:55:30 -0000
John Levine wrote:

> >> It’s really becoming a PITA to stay on the list.
> >
> >It is really trivial to filter out. I use a separate address for
> >lists and filter anything that lacks either an appropriate List-Id
> >or an appropriate domain in a References header. The in-list spam is
> >negligible.
> Today there seems to be as much spam as real mail, and more meta-spam
> than either.
> Every other list I'm on limits posting to subscribers which stops the
> spam dead. Nearly all the spam is just blasted out at random and the
> list's address happens to be one of the million targets.  It's very
> rare in my experience for a spammer to go to the effort of signing up
> for a list to spam through it.

Have you checked the received headers to determine whether it's
genuinely in-list?

I'm only seeing a small amount of in-list spam in questions, comparable
to the ports and chat lists which I think do require subscription.

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