ZFS Recommendations for a new server

Juan Bernhard juan at inti.gob.ar
Fri May 30 17:22:24 UTC 2014

> Hi!
> I am setting up a new server and would like to migrate to FBSD 10 and ZFS.
> I have no experience with either so asking for some guidance. Our
> experience has been mostly on FBSD 8 and 9 on UFS.
> The new server has a 2 x 1TB RE4 3ware 9650SE RAID and I have friends that
> tell me is actually better to use ZFS RAID instead of HW RAID1. Is this
> true? Why so?
> I will ask this on the EzJail list as well but are there any things to
> watch out for using EzJails on FBSD 10.0-RELEASE and ZFS ?? We are heavy
> users of EzJail.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Alejandro Imass

Hi, ZFS is recommended for most cases, but it gets very slow when you
need synchronous writes (ZFS/NFS: 5 mbits against ISCSI/UFS: 80mbits on
same mahcine).
I got terrible performance on vmware using a freebsd zfs as datastore.
If your raid hardware has a battery (to flush the cache in case of power
down) you will got a much better performance on this case
You can improve performance using a SSD as cache (ZIL cache? Im not a
guru on this stuff, you should google it, hehe)

Saludos, Juan.

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