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Scott Stevens list at
Wed May 28 21:31:23 UTC 2014

New liquidations list for 5.28.2014 has updated their list and once again our newsletter with updated solar product specials is available.
2000 x solene 4'x10' thermal flat collectors       $400 each
200 x superbrute circulation pumps     
200 x 264 gallon free hot water single coil solar hot water storage tanks  $1900 each  (900 dollars cheaper than new)
66 x Reneovo RN5000US 5k grid tie inverters  $1300 each
1 x 333kw AEE grid tie inverter $64,000
Chaori 230 watt poly 0.53usd/watt 
Chaori 280 watt poly 0.53 usd/watt
Sunperfect 255 watt mono 0.53usd/watt
Topoint 230 poly 0.55usd/watt
Topoint 235 poly 0.55usd/watt
Topoint 245 mono 0.55usd/watt
Topoint 190 mono 0.55usd/watt
topoint 220 poly 0.54usd/watt
topoint 225 poly 0.54usd/watt
Sharp 224 watt 0.67usd/watt
Mitsubishi 265 mono 60 cell flash at 270 1.05usd/watt
LG300 neon 300 watt 60 cell delivered 1.29usd/watt
Hyundai 300P in texas for 0.66usd/watt 
Solartec 300P in texas for 0.69usd/watt 
Renesola 230's 0.65usd/watt
Trina 245's 0.66usd/watt
Trina 280's 0.66usd/watt
Lightway 250W 0.70usd/watt
Lightway 255W 0.71usd/watt
Lightway 280 export only 0.56usd/watt
Lightway 285 export only 0.57usd/watt
Lightway 290 export only 0.57usd/watt
Lightway 300 0.72usd/watt
Lightway 305 0.73usd/watt
Lightway 310 0.74usd/watt
Kingsun 300W 72P DC1000 panels 0.66usd/watt delivered (container only pricing)
Kingsun 250W 60P Panels 0.66usd/watt delivered (container only pricing)
Solartec 300W 72P Panels 0.64usd/watt delivered (container pricing only) 
Solartec 300W 72P panels 0.66usd/watt pallet pricing.
Pemier 250W poly panels 0.69usd/watt
Eoplly 285W poly 0.62usd/watt
Samsung 255W 0.69usd/watt
if you have panels you would like to move don't hesitate to call us at 775-576-4261 or email us.
Or if you are looking for something not on this list we can help.

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