Help Compiling apligen

Dale Scott dalescott at
Mon May 26 19:33:09 UTC 2014

> gmake fails with the same error.
> These are the only instructions from the readme:
> Install:
> use:
>          make
> or:
>         g++ main.cpp -o apligen

Hi there, I replaced fopen64 calls with fopen in check_args.cpp and apligen compiled without error on a FreeBSD-10-RELEASE sytem using the base c++ compiler clang.

% c++ src/main.cpp -o apligen

I then executed apligen without arguments, and it responded with help information and no errors (but that's as far as I went).

>From a quick Google, it appears fopen64() is non-standard C++, but the functionality can be duplicated using a command line flag if necessary (appears to apply only if generating a password file greater than 2GB).


I don't know if Clang (or g++) accepts the indicated command line flag -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64

Good luck!


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