Post 'svn up .' to Revision: 266585 for 9.2; failure to mount root

CyberLeo Kitsana cyberleo at
Mon May 26 04:55:02 UTC 2014

On 05/25/2014 06:49 PM, Joe Altman wrote:
> On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 12:18:33AM -0500, CyberLeo Kitsana wrote:
>> Were your 'ad' aliases disabled in this new build? I just checked, and
>> my 9.2 and 10.0 boxen have them by default; but they can be turned off.
> If they were disabled, I did not do so. Additionally, I don't have a
> clear idea what disabling means. So a question: is this something that
> is done for some reason?

They were put in place to ease the transition away from the old ATA
drivers between 8 and 9. They were always intended to be temporary, and
were thus able to be switched off by people who knew they didn't need
them; it doesn't look like they have been switched off officially as yet.

>> I would say to type ? at the mountroot prompt, but...
>>> Then my keyboard fails, so I need to warm reset the machine.
>> ...which means you can't really see what devices are available.
> I have tried to look at the issue, and find in dmesg for GENERIC:
> ada0: Previously was known as ad4
> ada1: Previously was known as ad8
> When I look at messages, this first occurs after the upgrade in the
> subject line.
> glabel list shows this:
> joe on whisperer /var/log $: glabel list -a
> Geom name: ada1s1
> Providers:
> 1. Name: ufsid/4ded07edcfa105b8
>    Mediasize: 640134996480 (596G)
>    Sectorsize: 512
>    Stripesize: 0
>    Stripeoffset: 32256
>    Mode: r0w0e0
>    secoffset: 0
>    offset: 0
>    seclength: 1250263665
>    length: 640134996480
>    index: 0
> Consumers:
> 1. Name: ada1s1
>    Mediasize: 640134996480 (596G)
>    Sectorsize: 512
>    Stripesize: 0
>    Stripeoffset: 32256
>    Mode: r0w0e0
> Which shows the absence of ada0...

Under which kernel?

>> Since you're using GENERIC, can you extract a fresh kernel from the
>> distribution and see if that exhibits similar behaviour, just to narrow
>> down a possible intermittent hardware issue?
> Not sure what this means.

>> Another thing you might try is to switch the root mount in fstab or
>> loader.conf to using a glabel device, like /dev/ufs/<label> or
>> /dev/ufsid/<hex-id>, and see if that works where the ad alias failed.
> I was hoping to find out why ada4 vanished. My BIOS has not changed in
> something like a half-decade. AFAICT (and this is just a guess)
> something in the FreeBSD source changed and affects only me; or I have
> corrupted or odd source. I'm tending to think that a removal of all
> source and a fresh checkout is in order. 

A good thing to try; also why I suggested a distribution kernel: rule
out your build process entirely.

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