transparent bridge ~ firewall

Olivier Nicole olivier.nicole at
Tue May 20 04:59:28 UTC 2014


> Is it possible to configure fbsd so that it passes traffic thru two
> nics "transparently", (with a third nic installed as the management IP)?
> So that firewall rules can be applied between those two transparent
> nics? Don't want NAT, don't want routing. Just firewall "allow", "drop",
> or re-direct.
> I purchased a device which uses debian to do this. I would like to
> see if I can duplicate the functions on FreeBSD, my OS of choice.

I used to do that few years ago, using ip-firewall at that time
instead of ipfw, I can't remember the reason why, I think it was the
unavailability of layer 2 in IPFW at that time.

I have switched to zeroshell since because I needed captive portal too
and neither monowall nor pf sense did offer captive portal on bridged
intefaces when I did the change.

I am pretty sure that monowall and pfsense do offer bridged interfaces.

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