Gary Aitken vagabond at
Sat May 17 15:03:28 UTC 2014

>> In trying to rebuild ports,
>> UPDATE indicates my Nvidia driver has to be rebuilt.
>> 9.2 release, amd64
>> The driver is proprietary and downloaded outside of the
>> ports tree.
> I don't understand this statement. There are five (5) different versions
> of
> the nvidia driver in the FreeBSD ports collection:
> nvidia-driver
> nvidia-driver-173
> nvidia-driver-304
> nvidia-driver-71
> nvidia-driver-96
> Is there a reason you can't use one of them?

I don't know whether this is an oversight on my part dating back a ways,
or whether it's a relic of something else.  I may have missed them
originally because they are located in x11, not x11-drivers, and then
gone to the nvidia website and downloaded a driver.

I found the ports drivers last night but can't test due to the
other problem I asked about regarding xmlto (docbook.xsl issue) not
working in the devel/dbus (via xorg or x11/nvidia-driver) build.


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