pkgng messed up

Nagy László Zsolt gandalf at
Fri May 16 07:00:20 UTC 2014

>> Checking integrity...pkg: WARNING: locally installed perl-5.12.4_4
>> conflicts on /usr/local/bin/a2p with:
>>          - perl5-5.16.3_9
>> I'm not sure what to do with these.
> You missed instructions on how to move to a newer perl. Major-version
> moves on perl have always required some manual intervention. The entry
> of 20140214 will tell you what to do.
As I said before, I was processing UPDATING and as a result, I did run 
this commands:

   pkg(8) users:
     1) Update the origin to point to 5.16:
        pkg set -o lang/perl5.12:lang/perl5.16

     2) Upgrade perl and all dependencies:
        pkg install -Rf lang/perl5.16

But I still have perl5.14, and "pkg upgrade" does not work. This was my 
original problem.

>> Perl 5.12 is not in the ports tree anymore, so cannot delete with
>> "make deinstall".
>> There are  hundreds of similar messages for postgresql too:
>> pkg: WARNING: locally installed postgresql93-client-9.3.4 conflicts on
>> /usr/local/bin/droplang with:
>>          - postgresql90-client-9.0.17
>> Actually, postgresql client is not installed on this machine at all.
> I severely doubt that.
Okay I was not clear. postgresql93-client is installed indeed. But 
postgresql90-client is not:

root at backup:/usr/ports # pkg info | grep postgresql
postgresql93-client-9.3.4      PostgreSQL database (client)
postgresql93-server-9.3.4      The most advanced open-source database 
available anywhere

How can there be a conflict with postgresql90-client? It could be 
postgresql91-client or postgresql92-client the same way, because none of 
them are installed. What makes pkg think that there is a conflict? Is it 
some kind of dependency problem, where it thinks another package 
requires postgresql90-client to be installed, but in reality 
postgresql93-client should be it?

I have already tried this:

pkg set -o databases/postgresql90-client:databases/postgresql93-client
pkg set -o databases/postgresql90-server:databases/postgresql93-server

But " pkg upgrade" it still does not work and I'm still getting warning 

pkg: WARNING: locally installed postgresql93-client-9.3.4 conflicts on 
/usr/local/share/postgresql/psqlrc.sample with:
         - postgresql90-client-9.0.17

>> Command exists with error code. I cannot read the actual error message
>> because there are so many warnings that I cannot scroll back. :-(
> There's a very long-standing Unix command for this: script(1).
Okay, I was dumb. BTW the problem was not with redirection alone but the 
question ("Proceed with upgrading packages [y/N]:") combined with 
redirection. I have found the magical -y switch - this is clearly my 
fault that I don't know too much about pkgng. So after using

pkg upgrade |& more

I have found that *there is no error message at all*. There are only 
WARNING messages about conflicts.

Then why it is not doing the upgrade?

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