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Tue May 13 08:18:06 UTC 2014

On 12/05/2014 23:24, Rolf Nielsen wrote:
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> On 2014-05-12 22:05, Fbsd8 wrote:
>> I remember back in 6.x a lot of talk about killing every thing
>> about games. Todays version of the handbook has no mention of
>> games, but the bsdinstall installer has option to install games and
>> there is a ports collection category called games. bsdconfig has no
>> games installer.
>> So what is the general status of games? Is the handbook correct and
>> bsdinstall and the ports collection just never got cleaned up or
>> does the handbook need a chapter on games?
> I'm not sure about the games that come (or used to come) as (an
> optional) part of the system, because I have WITHOUT_GAMES=yes in my
> /etc/src.conf. However, the fact that that setting causes no errors or
> warnings and that it's still documented in the src.conf(5) man page,
> suggests that they're still there, at least when building from source.

I have two 10.0-R boxes, one with and one without WITHOUT_GAMES in 
/etc/src.conf. The one that excludes them has an empty /usr/games. The 
one that doesn't has

fileserver:1# ls /usr/games/
bcd	factor	grdc	number	ppt	random	strfile
caesar	fortune	morse	pom	primes	rot13	unstr

Of those factor and primes save firing up something a lot heavier once 
in a blue moon, the rest I never touch. /usr/games isn't exactly a major 
waste of space:

fileserver:1# du -sh /usr/games/
288K	/usr/games/

but I doubt whether many would miss it if it went away.

/usr/ports/games is different, and I doubt whether it will vanish, but 
you're better off asking the porting team about their intentions.

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