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Sat May 10 18:53:44 UTC 2014

On Sat, 10 May 2014 15:20:36 +0200, Nikolai Faßbender wrote:
> I have tested the command in the \boot\loader.conf without a change.

Again, FreeBSD is not "Windows". The path separator is /. :-)

In /boot/loader.conf, try adding




But it's easier to run

	# sysctl hw.snd.default_unit=0

as root and then check the audio output, for example with
something _simple_, like "mpg123 somefile.mp3" or
"play somefile.wav". Also make sure the mixer is always
set properly (use the "mixer" command), and note there
can be multiple mixers (use "mixer -f /dev/mixer0",
"mixer -f /dev/mixer1" and so on). Even multiple PCM
devices are possible. If you have found the correct
setting, make it permanent by placing it in the file

See "man mixer" for details.

On _some_ Thinkpad models, adding the following lines
to /boot/loader.conf can help:

	hint.hdac.0.cad0.nid25.config="as=1 seq=15"
	hint.hdac.0.cad0.nid27.config="as=2 seq=15"

Sadly, this is mostly a "trial & error" approach... ;-)

Maybe some features are documented. Check for example (from
my home system, a cheap Medion PC from Aldi):

	% dmesg | grep hda
	hdac0: <VIA VT8251/8237A High Definition Audio Controller>
		mem 0xbfffc000-0xbfffffff at device 1.0 on pci128
	hdac0: HDA Driver Revision: 20100226_0142
	hdac0: [ITHREAD]
	hdac0: HDA Codec #0: VIA VT1708_8
	pcm0: <HDA VIA VT1708_8 PCM #0 Analog> at cad 0 nid 1 on hdac0
	pcm1: <HDA VIA VT1708_8 PCM #1 Analog> at cad 0 nid 1 on hdac0
	pcm2: <HDA VIA VT1708_8 PCM #2 Digital> at cad 0 nid 1 on hdac

Also check:

	% cat /dev/sndstat
	FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm: 32bit 2009061500/i386)
	Installed devices:
	pcm0: <HDA VIA VT1708_8 PCM #0 Analog> (play/rec) default
	pcm1: <HDA VIA VT1708_8 PCM #1 Analog> (rec)
	pcm2: <HDA VIA VT1708_8 PCM #2 Digital> (play)

You can then conclude that there is more documentation
available at "man snd_hda" and "man pcm". You'll find the
supported devies and the settings you can apply.

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