how can I keep users in their directory on ssh

tethys ocean tethys.ocean at
Sat May 10 12:05:30 UTC 2014


*I want to give a ssh access to my programmers, but I want to keep them in
thier own directory. *

*I created these users and tried to ssh access and test I saw that all
these users can go out upper directory*

*I add sone line to sshd.config file  like as;*

*Allowusers prog1 prog2 prog3 prog4*
*ChrootDirectory /perlproggroup*
*X11Forwarding no*
*AllowTcpForwarding no*

*but they still have access to upper directory..*

*How can I keep them in their own directory.. we dont want to use sftp

*Should I use ssh-keygen?!?!?  OR rssh  !??!*


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