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velocidade da luz <assembler914 at outlook.com> wrote:

> Anyone here using PC-BSD, PureDarwin, GhostBSD, AnonymOS, (Amnesiac) Incognito, eComStation, Syllable , ReactOS, Haiku,  or MenuetOS? I'm planning on trying these, and would like to hear of users' experiences (good or bad). Thanks. 		 	   		  

I reviewed Anonym.OS in 2006 (in German):

Back then it worked as expected, but AFAIK there hasn't been a new
release since, the packaged Tor version has known vulnerabilities
and isn't expected to work with the current Tor network and thus
I'd recommend you test Tails instead. It's actively maintained.

I occasionally (try to) install PC-BSD for testing purposes
and wouldn't recommend it.

My last written review is from 2006 as well (and in German, too):
IIRC the last version I briefly tested a couple of weeks ago was
based on FreeBSD 9.2.

Obviously you should still test it for yourself, though.

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