Swap on ZFS

Andrew Berg aberg010 at my.hennepintech.edu
Wed May 7 04:53:59 UTC 2014

On 2014.05.06 23:20, Rolf Nielsen wrote:
> If I want to talk to my mother, I call my mother and talk to her. I
> don't call my sister and have her call my mother and relay everything.
> And for the same reason, I don't see why I should put a filesystem or
> swap on a volume on a filesystem.
By that logic, you should talk to her in person and not relay your voice
over the phone.

zvols are far more flexible than partitions and have the added benefit
of COW (cheap snapshots and clones anyone?) and checksums
underneath. Instantly getting more space in your zpool by cutting
down unneeded swap would be quite nice.

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