pkg audit disagrees with pkg upgrade ???

edflecko . edflecko at
Tue May 6 20:27:12 UTC 2014

I'm checking to see if I need to upgrade any installed packages. pkg audit
-F says I have three vulnerabilities, but when I run pkg upgrade -y, it
thinks everything is O.K. (see below)

Why the discrepancy? Which one should I believe?

fbsd_box# pkg audit -F

Vulnxml file up-to-date.
linux-f10-expat-2.0.1 is vulnerable:
expat2 -- Parser crash with specially formatted UTF-8 sequences
CVE: CVE-2009-3720

linux-f10-png-1.2.37_2 is vulnerable:
png -- memory corruption/possible remote code execution
CVE: CVE-2011-3048

linux-f10-tiff-3.8.2 is vulnerable:
tiff -- Multiple integer overflows
CVE: CVE-2009-2347

3 problem(s) in the installed packages found.

fbsd_box# pkg upgrade -y
Updating repository catalogue
Nothing to do


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