where does uname get version number?

John aqqa11 at earthlink.net
Tue May 6 06:11:44 UTC 2014

   On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 11:51 AM, John <[1]aqqa11 at earthlink.net> wrote:

     Thanks for the clarification!  I don't compile kernel, I only
     installed 9.0-RELEASE and binary upgraded to 9.2-RELEASE using
     freebsd-update.  (I'm worried about the lifetime of the SSD in my
     laptop so am trying to avoid compiling, but that's a side topic.)

   I now totally deleted /usr/src (and /usr/obj), because I don't need
   them now as I now install virtualbox from pkg.
   But after rebooting, "uname -a" still shows 9.1-RELEASE.  As mentioned
   before, all files such as kernel etc are in 9.2, where does uname get
   that incorrect version now?

   I am  a bit confused how 9.0-RELEASE came into the picture.  Can you
   show the output of top -n?
   Sorry, just saw your reply.  And sorry 9.0-RELEASE was my typo, I mean
   I installed 9.1-RELEASE, but after binary upgrading to 9.2-RELEASE
   using freebsd-update, most files show it's not in 9.2-RELEASE, but
   uname still shows 9.1-RELEASE.


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