A google searrch revealed something I did not send myself under my name. Please delete.

Jeremiah Twidwell jeremiah.twidwell at yahoo.com
Mon May 5 01:11:59 UTC 2014

Sometimes I search my name just to see what junk people are putting under my name.  I came across this ->

Idea to make package vulnerabilities not matter, along with third party software

 Idea to make package vulnerabilities not matter, along with third party software
Idea to make package vulnerabilities not matter, along with third party software Jeremiah  jeremiah.twidwell at yahoo.com Sat Feb 22 05:38:18 UTC 2014   
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The problem?  I never said any of this, I am in no way interested in FreeBSD, and when I spoke to hackers on ways to secure operating systems my ideas were solely based on something called 'information flow tracking'.  This isn't what I was saying to these people.  In fact, we were discussing ways in which we could expand on 'information flow tracking' to see if we could properly secure an operating system with it alone.  That is probably why this fake email came up and you all fell for it big time....

I think you all are in serious error - not only because you posted this online when, even though it looks somehow as it came from my email, I personally never said anything like it.  Additionally, you use my name and anything digitally attached to an email as though it is your 'property'.  Further, looking at what was said this really makes what was just a good discussion I was having at one point in time online look pretty stupid, and you say it is me.  This amounts to online defamation, and as such you should take it offline, especially since it is entirely fake.

Really, if you can't even have a basic understanding of internet security and how it breaks, the truth is that even though when I read this it wasn't laughable not because of what it says, but becuase you fell for an easy internet trick and made it look like me.  Because of this, I am quite certain there is a huge lack of security in FreeBSD, even though I personally have not even looked into the security of your system.  

And yet you post it under my name on google and then proceed to bash every sentence.  The real problem is it looks like someone sent you a message, probably from the hacking community I was talking to, and you all really bit it. 

You can't just assume that because you get something from an email address that it is actually the real person that it is under or that it is actually from that email address.  Heard of heartbleed yet?  The truth is this virus has been out there for two years now and really we can't assume that nobody's online accounts, like my email, have not been compromised.  Really poor judgement on FreeBSD's part.  Plus if you even know anything at all about programming, you can make an email look like it came from the white house - and you all still don't get it.  I think that should display your understanding of both programming in general and the real motives of FreeBSD.  In fact, the ONLY thing I have ever heard from anyone else about the security of FreeBSD is it's use of encryption to 'secure the OS', and I can wager that it isn't actually much of a factor.  The fact is Linux is by far the most secure operating system today, and that is my only

The fact is I read it, and while you were correct to bash the ideas, these are really not well thought out concepts, this is really a horrible thing to to on FreeBSD's part, and it really displays not only FreeBSD's lack of commitment to programmers but at the same time it displays a complete lack of integrity by FreeBSD.  This is not too intelligent on your part.  In fact, it looks like you used something that wasn't really from me just to do what seems to be intended here by the other party, plus you use it in an effort to try and make me look stupid, which I can't even begin to understand why FreeBSD would pursue such action when it looks like this was just a fake email sent to your community.

It's pretty sad that FreeBSD is willing to bash people's online names just to get a rise and a feeling of self-pleasure.  What is really disgusting is it looks like you all fell for a very old trick likely from the hacking community.  Pretty sad, guys.

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