enough already ..

Sophoklis Goumas olspookishmagus at gmail.com
Fri May 2 09:57:44 UTC 2014

Enough being, said what I was trying to bring this conversation to is:

- if the offending e-mails are off the list then the postmaster has
nothing to do with them, it's your personal SPAM policy we would
be discussing here
- if the offending e-mails come from within the list, according to
the definition I came up with earlier, and, as has been said, there
IS a need of forwarding or indicating them to the postmaster
then I will do the same as well.

With that being said is that I too wouldn't want to pester volunteers
with limited times for the likes of spammers, SEO enterpreneurs or
the rest amoebas.

But on the long run I thing the same policy should apply to it as is
for dealing with trolls - ignore them as in remove (delete) them from
your mind horizon.


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