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Thu May 1 09:33:40 UTC 2014


illoai wrote:

> Spammers can subscribe to the list, you know.  This is
> a public list, so, yes, by definition literally anyone in the
> entire world who has an internet connexion can see every
> single email that you send to the list, & your email address
> (& mine & Jerry Seinfeld's too, if he sends email to the list).

Well, lets have a look at the facts...

. I'm no longer subscribed yet I'm posting to the list,
  so when you state 'Spammers can subscribe to the list'
  they need not even subscribe, simply harvest your address.
. The front page of *this list* located at:



  'The subscribers list is only available to the list administrator'

> It is a public list.

Contrast the list statement with your statement: the two seem mutually
incompatible somehow, just sayin'

Mike Sanders
gpg: 0xD94D4C13

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