Respecting Privacy: How To Prevent Spam

Mike Sanders hybrid120 at
Thu May 1 08:57:45 UTC 2014

Matthew Pherigo wrote:

> Hey Mike,
> First of all, it should be noted that the prevalence of spam on
> this mailing list is not because the configuration of this list
> is insecure, but because using email in mailing lists has always
> been an easy way to harvest email addresses, and spammers have
> only now caught on.

Hi Matt, thanks for your thoughts I earnestly appreciate that,
but when you do the math, well no offense intended, its not
very convincing =(

Consider this kind sir: If more time is spent protecting those
whom disrupt the list than those who contribute, that is a net
loss pure & simple.

Should this list be free to all? Sure. But I'm espousing a more
subtle distinction... Just as I would talk to others freely in a
public square, I would NOT wear my personal info emblazoned on my
vest pocket either.

btw... I'm posting this after reading the website, & I took
the liberty of using your email address to post this reply,
hope you dont mind.

But hey no biggie, even personal info ought to be free too, right?

Mike Sanders
gpg: 0xD94D4C13

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