Spam to list participants (from &

illoai at illoai at
Thu May 1 00:27:01 UTC 2014

On 30 April 2014 06:15, Mike Sanders <tmp1 at> wrote:
> RW wrote:
>> > If a policy were implemented whereby (say) the first
>> > two messages of new subscribers where approved/denied
>> > by the list-owner, this problem would end.
>> It wouldn't, it's off-list.
> Which implies all list members email addresses are exposed
> to the world at large? How else would an email address be
> gained by spammers... If that's the case it needs to be changed.

Spammers can subscribe to the list, you know.  This is
a public list, so, yes, by definition literally anyone in the
entire world who has an internet connexion can see every
single email that you send to the list, & your email address
(& mine & Jerry Seinfeld's too, if he sends email to the list).

It is a public list.


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