Sendmail-8.14.9 compile with db-48

Jack Stone antennex at
Mon Jun 30 21:42:21 UTC 2014

I got way behind on upgrading the fbsd OS, mainly because the usual the scripted upgrade if sources wouldn't work anymore from 7.4 --> 8.3. So figured the easiest/safe way was to build from scratch for fbsd-9.2. Lots of work but all installs were going good until I got to the port sendmail-8.14.9 where I wanted to compile with db-4.8 instead of the std 1.85.

Sendmail complains it sees unexpected access.db as error or format. Thus, if it can't read the access.db, sendmail won't work, especially for incoming mail. The access.db file states it is still Berkely 1.85.

The new ports  'make config file' for sendmail-8.14.9 doesn't provide an option (that I see) for designating a specific db4. Previously I could simply edit the sendmail Makefile and specify the db4 and that worked. The previous Makefile didn't do a 'make config'.

Will someone suggest a way to compile sendmail with the desired db4 ??

Many thanks for help in advance!! 

Best regards,

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