mount root error while booting bootonly.iso

Rick Miller vmiller at
Mon Jun 30 18:30:49 UTC 2014

Hi all,

The FreeBSD 10.0 bootonly ISO is sporadically unable to boot on the DL360p
G8 running BIOS P-71 8/20/2012.  I had initially thought this was due to
customizations being developed into the ISO until a stock ISO from was tested and also exhibited the same behavior suggesting
there may be a more low level problem afoot.  Oddly enough, the ISO booted
on the first attempt on two different chassis' while two subsequent
attempts failed as described in the screenshots below.  On a third attempt,
both DL360s did boot the ISO and I was able to perform an OS installation.
 It is worth noting here that the ISO is being mounted on the chassis via
the "virtual media" feature of the iLO.

Hoping that someone has experience with FreeBSD 10.0 on the DL360p G8
and/or seen anything similar and know a workaround/fix?  Is it more likely
behavior caused by the environment or a bug?

I checked/tested the following:

* Ensure /etc/fstab contains an entry suitable for booting the ISO
* Ensured AHCI was disabled on the storage controller
* Setting vfs.root.mountfrom and vfs.root.mountfrom.options as appropriate

I have considered updating the firmware provided a newer version exists,
but have yet to do so.

### Snapshots

The first snapshot shows the initial cam probe error, while the second
snapshot shows a number of retries.  It stops after 5 failed retries.


Take care
Rick Miller

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