Print your Cheques with ease (IB)

Krish Shah at
Mon Jun 30 12:31:30 UTC 2014

   Dear Freebsd Questions,

      Print Cheques with ease with our Cheque Printing Software. Some of the
      important features are as given below:

      1. Multiple Bank Templates: You can define and use multiple bank
      templates e.g. CITI Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank etc. You can create
      templates for these banks and simply use it with one click when you are
      preparing the cheque. You can also define your own templates.

      2. Name Picker: If you have issued a cheque for a particular
      Company/Individual name earlier you don't have to type it again you can
      choose payee's names used earlier from the Drop Down list.

      3. Rupees in Words: When you write rupees in figures it automatically
      converts it in words e.g. 3500/- (Three Thousand Five Hundred Rupees

      4. Cheque List: You will get a list of all Issued/Returned/Post dated

      5. Cheque Payee Stamp:  Stamp your cheques with Cheque Payee.

      6. Print Preview: Get a preview of your cheque before you print it.

   Krish Shah

      Other software:

      1. Contact Management Software

      2. Newsletter Sending Software

      3. CRM

      4. Financial Accounting

      5. Invoicing & Inventory Control

      6. Payroll

      7. Monitoring Solutions

      8. SMS Integration

      9. Petty Cash System

      Write to us for any kind of customized application.

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