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Wed Jun 25 16:23:16 UTC 2014

On Wed, 25 Jun 2014 12:03:20 -0400, Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
> I don't do a lot of upgrades or installs, so my use of the new pkg way 
> of doing things is limited right now. I've been trying to find 
> instructions for how to configure options for packages. Right now I'm 
> dealing with a new install of Postfix and trying to get LDAP support. Of 
> course, I can move into the ports directory for the package and 'make 
> config', but get the warning that I should use pkg. Can someone point me 
> to the instruction I'm lacking for this or suggest how to configure 
> package options with pkg?

You can't configure options for precompiled binary packages.
They have been built using the default settings (as a "make"
without changing displayed the options of "make config" would
create). Your only chance is to

a) find a package that impelements your desired options,
   it might exist, but likely will not, or

b) built it yourself using the ports tree as usual.

You can deal with dependencies by feeding the preocessed output
of "make missing" to "pkg install -y" so you don't have to
build all the dependencies, but depending on your desired
configuration, this could also be a problem (when a dependency
needs other than the default options due to your "main port"
setting non-default options).

There are tools to help you build "bigger piles" of software
(see the handbook entrie for "poudriere"), but if you're going
to have only a few ports with non-default options and want to
use binary packages for everything else, using the "old-fashioned
way" of building from source for those few entries is probably
the more comfortable way.

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