server funding

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Wed Jun 25 08:24:47 UTC 2014

Christopher Arnold wrote:

> On 06/25/2014 09:31 AM, Victor Sudakov wrote:
>> Littlefield, Tyler wrote:
>>> I recently ran across as a shell provider from BSDNow
>> The people at must be crazy. I have tried to sign up out of
>> curiosity, and their web registration form replied that 'Email field
>> contains invalid characters'. What's invalid about vas at ?
> Maybe it is the .su that they are complaining about... That top domain
> is phasing out and a bit controversial.
> Try your .ru that is in your signature and maybe it will work better?

It's either that or some javascript they are using that is b0rking on the 
two periods from the '' - which is not invalid. Poorly written 
javascript in other words.


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